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1977 Monticello Reunion

1977 Monticello Reunion

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Faces Key

Number First Name Last Name
2 Jesse Mae Redd McDonald
9 Karen Anderson Redd
10 Don Sperry Redd
11 Lura Redd
12 Douglas Galbraith
17 Thressa Allen Redd
18 Robert Gordon Adams
19 Jewell Redd Adams
20 Lisle Gee Adams
21 Cynthia Irene Hatch Redd
22 Francell Redd Blickenstaff
23 Eugene Blickenstaff
26 Alta Redd Wienzenreid
28 Keith Burns Redd
29 Donna Hammond Redd
30 Alma Jasper Redd
31 Ernest A. Helquist
32 Bernice Redd Helquist
33 Owen Burnham
34 Colleen Redd Burnham
35 Enid Redd Keate
36 Myrtle Harris Redd
37 Amasa Jay Redd
38 Alice Marie Ekins Redd
39 Doyle Benson Rowley
40 Marilyn Redd Rowley
41 Klaire Rowley
42 Mary Blickenstaff
43 Melanie Redd Mayer
44 Carolyn Redd
45 Denise Blickenstaff Frost
46 Alan Jay Redd
47 Karen Jarman Redd
48 Kathryn Redd Tripp
49 Michael Jarman Redd
53 Annaley Naegle Redd
54 Edway Redd
55 Ila Redd
56 Conway Redd?
59 Dean Redd
60 Mabel Redd
61 Joseph Redd
62 Benjamin Knowlton Hess
63 Imogene (Jimmie) Redd Hess
66 Verena Ursenback Hatch
67 Bruce Barrett
68 Sanford Barrett
69 Jody Barrett Innes
70 Ray Ashby Barrett
72 Herbert Joy Redd
73 Ryan Eric Redd
74 Alan Kendall Redd
75 Naomi Redd Kress
76 Marcia Redd Roderer
77 Scott Haven Redd
78 Paul Redd
79 Penny Redd
80 Robin Redd
81 Debbie Redd
82 Gwenalee Redd
83 Charles Hardison Redd
84 Sonya Seeley Redd
85 Lowry Redd
86 Natasha Redd
88 Nicole Redd
89 Reva Vickers Redd
90 Parley Vincent Redd
94 Vivian Redd McConkie
95 Ray Vernon Redd
96 Hortence Redd Erickson
97 John Wilson Redd
98 Helen Mae Peterson Redd
103 Amasa Mason Redd
104 Spencer Hardison Frost
105 Dan Sterling Frost
106 Truman Rigby
107 Ada Redd Rigby
108 Martha Lee Redd Brewer
109 Jay (Buddy) Whitney Redd
110 La Raine Marx Redd
111 Merrie Allyson Redd Platt
112 Jennifer Kaye Redd Ogles
113 Pamela Marie Redd Anderson
114 Mayumi Fukami
115 Sue Musselman Redd
116 Candace Anne Redd Lefler
117 Stephen Michael Redd
118 Rebecca Louise Redd Lee
119 Gary Wyman Redd
120 Mary Lou Madson Redd
121 Wyman Hardison Redd

The following is from the personal history of Ephraim and Verena Hatch:

15 August 1977, letter from Verena to our family:

“Eph and I went to the Redd Family reunion at Monticello. We went the long way down through thee Canyonlands. It’s fantastic country, huge mountains of solid rock, weathered in all kinds of shapes, columns, mounds which look like pulled salt water taffy. We marveled at how our ancestors were able to get through, even on horseback. It was our wedding anniversary and we enjoyed it tremendously. It was overcast and cool most of the day. We arrived in Monticello about 5 p.m. as they were setting up for dinner. We were welcomed with open arms and helped a bit. The president of the Redd Family had made a picture display of Lemuel Hardison Redd, his two wives and all of the children of each wife, all portrait quality, beautifully mounted. Dad copied it. I hope he got good pictures. I think he did. He usually does. He then took a picture of the whole group even though the lighting wasn’t what he needed. The dinner was scrumptious, and we made many friends.”

“I (Eph) went somewhat reluctantly to this Redd reunion, thinking it would be a collection of old, uninteresting strangers to me. This was a large family. A family meeting was held in the high school auditorium. I sat there feeling sorry for myself as the program got underway. It wasn’t long until a very sober man was introduced and asked to speak. He looked much like Elder Marion G. Romney – very serious. I prepared for the worst. He told a story about Lemuel H. Redd and his wife, Keziah Jane Butler when they were first married and trying to establish themselves there in southern Utah. The story began with some Indians chasing them for some reason or other. Lem and Keziah managed to duck into a cave and the Indians raced on by. It was obvious that the Indians would come back when they realized what had happened, and Keziah looked up at her husband and asked, ‘Lem what are we going to do?’ Lem answered, “I guess we’ll have to hole up here in this cave till we out-number them,’ and then sat down.

“I suddenly realized that I was in the presence of a very fun loving people. They not only enjoy life, hard though it has sometimes been.”