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The Redd Family Needs Your Help

Extend the Legacy

Even though our Redd ancestors left behind a wonderful legacy of deep commitment and faith, each generation has to claim that legacy for it to mean something in the future. The Redd Family Organization is here to keep that legacy vibrant and growing.

We need your help to do that. Donate online using the red button below.

What Donations Have Paid for in the Past

  • Hold reunions on a shoestring budget
  • Re-publish The Utah Redds and Their Progenitors with updates and corrections
  • Hire professional research and conduct DNA studies
  • Pay for reunion costs that include the platform to reach out to all of you and produce a video to tell our Spanish Fork story

Plans for Future Donations

  • Pay for headstones for the graves of household members of John Hardison Redd and his wife Elizabeth Hancock
  • Fund on-site research in England pursuing DNA links and historical documents

Family Ties Research DBA Redd Family Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity

You’re also welcome to contribute by making out a check to Family Ties Research DBA Redd Family Organization and mailing to:

Family Ties Research
8147 South 230 East
Sandy, UT 84070