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The Lura Redd Research Notebooks

Throughout her lifetime Lura Redd completed an incredible amount of work researching the Redd family. Her research notebooks have been scanned and digitized and are now available to you. The following is a list of her research notebooks with hyperlinks that will take you to each notebook, stored on Forever® servers. If you would like downloadable/printable copies of any of these notebooks please email


Notebook Name Link
Book 1
Book E
Films & Books References
GPR #1
GPR #3
GPR #4
GPR #5
GPR #6
GPR #7
Index 2
Notes 1
Notes 10
Notes 1A
Notes 1B
Notes 1C
Notes 1D
Notes 1E
Notes 1F
Notes 1G
Notes 1H
Notes 1I
Notes 1J
Notes 1K
Notes 1L
Notes 1M
Notes 1N
Notes 1O
Notes 1P
Notes 1Q
Notes 1S
Notes 1T
Notes 1U
Notes 1V
Notes 1W
Notes 1X
Notes 1Y
Notes 1Z
Notes 2
Notes 2A
Notes 2B
Notes 2C
Notes 2D
Notes 2E
Notes 2F
Notes 2G
Notes 2H
Notes 2I
Notes 2J
Notes 2K
Notes 2L
Notes 2M
Notes 2N
Notes 2O
Notes 2P
Notes 2Q
Notes 2X
Notes 3
Notes 3B
Notes 3C
Notes 3D
Notes 3E
Notes 3F
Notes 3G
Notes 3H
Notes 3I
Notes 3J
Notes 3K
Notes 3L
Notes 3M
Notes 3N
Notes 3O
Notes 4
Notes 5
Notes 7NC01e
Notes A
Notes A1A21
Notes A3CII
Notes AM124
Notes B
Notes B4C5
Notes B6D12
Notes C
Notes D “
Notes E
Notes F
Notes F 2
Notes FNC
Notes G
Notes H
Notes I
Notes J
Notes K
Notes Ky PtA