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Carolyn J. Nell Research

Professional genealogist Carolyn J. Nell was hired to research the Redd Family origins and she completed seventeen reports related to her research. Her research focused mainly on William and Whittaker Redd during the time they were living in Virginia. Each report contains a research report, research calendar and the associated references. A short summary of each report and a link to the report is included below. These summaries are only a brief glimpse of what is included in the reports, as there is much valuable information for those interested in Redd genealogy.

Note: If you would like a downloadable copy of any of these reports please email [email protected]

Professional Research

Available Reports

Report 15

Report 15 includes research on possible neighbors of the Redd family with the main focus on the surnames Cahoon and Jordan. It also contains research on Martha Jordan.

Report 14

Report 14 includes research of the Norfolk tithable records of 1730-1780 and research associated with the Redds of Tanner Creek. It identifies records associated with possible neighbors Cohoon, Jordan, Hodges, and Redd.

Report 13

Report 13 includes information related to a Rachall Reade and her brother James Jordan as possible connections to the Redds of Nansemond County. It also includes a search for surnames Reade and Whittaker and tries to identify when the Jordan family was living in Norfolk county. It also includes a search for Samuel Cohoon.

Report 12

Report 12 contains research on William and Rachel Redd in both Accomack and Nansemond Counties. Court proceedings and land transactions associated with William Redd were looked at. It also includes a search for the Red/Redd/Reade/Whittaker surnames.

Report 11

Report 11 contains more research using federal census records to establish other Redd family members living in Nansemond County between 1760 and 1770. It also includes a search of the Redd surname outside of Nansemond County, Virginia and death and marriage registrations.

Report 10

Report 10 is a continuation of previous research to learn of families living in Accomack County related to land owned by William Redd and the use of census and tax records to find Redds living in Nansemond County. The location of Redd land and neighbors becomes more solidified.

Report 9

Report 9 identifies William Redd’s neighbors and the general location of his land. The report also includes speculation and evidence on whether William Redd of Accomack and Nansemond Counties are the same person. Report 9 also includes a search for the surname Redd.

Report 8

Report 8 establishes a stronger connection between families living in Accomack County, Virginia and Nansemond County, Virginia. The report strongly theorizes that William Redd of Accomack County and William Redd of Nansemond County, Virginia are the same person. Rachel, potential wife of William Redd of Accomack County was also identified.

Report 7

Report 7 found a connection to Accomack County, Virginia for the surnames Bennett and Scarburgh (and other neighbors) in hopes to establish neighborhood connections to the Redd family. Report 7 also contains information about when Whitaker Redd Sr. possibly left Nansemond County, Virginia.

Report 6

Report 6 identifies a Charles Reade who was living in Nansemond County in 1704 as a possible family member. Members and property locations of the Scarburgh family (thought to be neighbors of William Redd) were identified.

Report 5

Report 5 was concerned with identifying the people living in Upper Parish Precincts that shared a border with Precinct 23 of Nansemond County, Virginia where William Redd resided in the years 1759 and 1763. Potential neighbors of William Redd at the time he lived in Nansemond County were also sought in this report.

Report 4

Report 4 mainly focuses on reviewing previous findings. Chronologies for Whitaker Redd Sr. and his family were established. The report also focuses on identifying the neighborhood of William Redd in Nansemond County, Virginia.

Report 3

Report 3 is focuses on the surname Scarbrough, who was found in Report 2, as a possible link to William Red in Nansemond County, Virginia. Other neighbors including Thomas Haley, John Spright, Joseph Perett, John Ballard, Abram Carnall, and James March are marked as people of interest for further research. The general layout of the neighborhood is included in this report.

Report 2

Report 2 establishes Whitaker and William Redd living in Nansemond County, Virginia in 1759 and 1763. It also identifies an individual named Scarbrough and others living in the same neighborhood as having a relationship with the Redd family that could prove valuable in future research and in creating a neighborhood sketch.

Report 1

Report 1 establishes the foundation of the research project including identifying possible source alternatives because many Virginia court house records were destroyed in 1866. It identifies William Red as living in Nansemond County, Virginia during the period of 1779-1781.

February 1988 Report

The February 1988 Report includes information found on a William Read in relation to contributing goods to the Revolutionary War. The report supposes that William Read and William Red are the same person. It also contains references to contemporaries of William Red in Nansemond County, Virginia.

August 1988 Report

The August 1998 report focuses on a tax records search with information on William Redd and Ameriah Read and the tentative connection between them. The report also identifies potential research on different spellings of Redd/Reade/Read. Please note: A research calendar and references are not included in this report.