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Redd is Rudd?

Emily Lauritzen got DNA from Marvin Rudd who is a descended from Jon Rudd and Avis Whitaker. After sending the DNA test to Family Tree DNA the results came back showing only a 2 marker difference when tested at 67 markers. We will be sharing additional documents that...

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Whitaker Redd Jr Land Plot

For those interested in land deeds, the attached pdf file is a plot of property bought by Whitaker Redd from Edward Hobbs in 1804. Whitaker and his family had this land from 1804 until 1831 and possibly lived on it. It's possible that John Hardison Redd might have...

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The Most Exhausting Day for Vilo Redd

Acres of potatoes ready to bag Vilo Redd 1901-1988, daughter of William Alexander Redd 1861-1911,  grew up in Raymond, Alberta, Canada. Vilo was 15 years old the year her brother-in-law, George Laycock 1893-1946, planted about 8 or 10 acres of potatoes to sell. Vilo...

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Research Projects

Redd Brick Wall Project

We’re excited to be sending two of our own members to England this year to dig into some DNA clues to our Redd-Rudd connection.

Transcription Project

Our members have been diligently transcribing many old documents relating to the Redd family to try to make connections even farther back.

Past Research Reports

Read up on professional research the organization has sponsored in the past.