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Posted by on Jun 23, 2013 in Today's Redds | 15 comments

What do We Know about NC Redds?

What do We Know about NC Redds?

Narrative Family History
Descendants of Whitaker Redd

By Samuel Garbett, co-authored Jan Garbett

Who thinks the Mormon Pioneers didn’t come with lots of baggage? They may not have brought it with them as they crossed the plains but as we try to unravel their histories and reconstruct the past we are up against quite a task. Especially in the South where tidal waves washed away courthouses and offspring from polygamous unions double the number of well-intentioned posterity who have added their four generation black bag to the already overloaded airport carousel.

From dirt roads to invisible highways of online sources I jump onto the bandwagon.

Recent extractions available from US Genweb helped confirm stories with actual marriage bonds such as that between William Redd and Seale Brinson. 1 Family tradition held that the Redds were not church going people although they were God-fearing. This seems to be born out in the discovery that William and Seale’s son Kincey unites with the Baptist faith, but not until his later years.2

Each clue becomes invaluable when church and civil records are lost. The contribution of deeds that detail land and property transactions must be painstakingly reviewed to find clues that make up for the loss of birth, marriage a death records. Finding Kincey in 1817 in New Hanover receiving 520 acres from his father is one such example with the tale tale clue that his brother is still prominently involved in community affairs back home.3

But the furthest back progenitor of the family that first enters North Carolina will be the focus of this report. What family members refer to as the black bible (because of the color of the cover) represents the reverence given to the 400 page volume, The Utah Redds and Their Progenitors, by Lura Redd. The genealogical database that I had access to from the Redd Family Organization was void of sources but had notes referring to Lura’s book or temple ordinance work.

This paper focuses on when Whitaker Redd first enters North Carolina. It is a bit hazy whether he or his son William was the first to move from Nansemond County, Virginia into North Carolina. In 1763 land is processioned in Virginia in which Whitaker and William Redd are mentioned. The next we read of this patriarch is at his death in 1789 “William Readd, evidently the oldest son, was granted letters of administration on the estate of his father, Whitaker Readd, on a bond of 500 pound.” On April 27, 1789 an inventory sale is held for the estate of “Whitaker Read desest.” 4

Whitaker Redd
b. abt 1737, , Nansemond Co., Virginia
d. 13 Apr 1789, Onslow, North Carolina, age: 52
b. abt 1737, , Onslow Co., North Carolina
m. abt 1757, , Nansemond, Virginia
| Henry Redd
| b. abt 1756, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. bef 1789, age: 33
His death is assumed before 1789 since there is no mention of him in the administration of Whitaker Redd’s estate in 1789. 4

Lura writes “Whitaker held land in Onslow County . At his death he left Hall’s point Plantation to his son, Whitaker. Later it was divided into six parts, one part of each of Whitaker Jr’s children

Lemuel Hardison Redd was baptized as proxy for Henry 2 Feb 1877 in the St. George Temple according to his own record which is in the possession of Jan Garbett and which I was able to see.

| William Redd*
| b. abt 1758, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. 31 Oct 1833, age: 75
In Onslow Register : records of Onslow and Jones County citizens and related families it records
231> William Red (Reed) of Onslow County served 12 months as a soldier under the command of Major Gen. Greene, Capt. Dotherty’s Company. But on a reform of the Regiment, he was placed in Capt. Armstrong’s Company. 2

A marriage bond verifies a union of William and his first wife Seale or Celah Brinson Readd, William (x), and Seale Brinson. Dec. 16, 1780. William Stoakes (bd) and W. Cray (wt). 3

In 1781 William appears in Onslow County Tax Lists valued at 400.

| & Celah Brinson
| b. abt 1760, Of Onslow Co, NC
| d. abt 1787, , age: 27
| m. 16 Dec 1780, of Nansemond, VA1
| | Kincey Redd
| | b. abt 1781, Onslow, North Carolina
| | d. 25 Jun 1856, Onslow, North Carolina, age: 752
| | & Lucy
It was interesting to find the death of Kinsey Redd. It explained he was about 75 years old and had been a member of the Baptisit Church for 25 years.
| | Sigley Redd
| | b. 6 Dec 1785, Onslow, North Carolina
| | d. 11 Jun 1867, Stump Sound, Onslow Co., North Carolina, age: 81
| | & Lennie Fields
Sigley show up on many transactions. It appears he becomes quite a significant landowner and slaveholder in Onslow County from the many entries where he appears selling, purchasing and gifting to his children. 3

| William Redd*
| b. abt 1758, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. 31 Oct 1833, age: 75
| & Margaret Everett
| b. abt 1768
| d. bef 1807, age: 39
| m. aft 1785
| | Eleanora Redd
| | & Thompson
| | Mary Redd
| | Sarah Redd
| | & Harrell
| | Nelly Redd
| | & Russell
| | m. bef 1817, Onslow, North Carolina
| William Redd*
| b. abt 1758, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. 31 Oct 1833, age: 75
| & Sarah Barlow
| b. abt 1762, Nansemond, VA
| m. aft 1807
Based on the following deed it doesn’t sound like Sarah is married to William Redd in 1807: Deed bk 2#61 Sarah Barlow to William Redd for 75 pounds all her part in Mill and lands willed her by her father deceased. Tests: Jno. E. Spicer, James Ballard. 3

But by 1822 Sarah is identified as William’s third wife with his youngest children.
Will Book B #144 & 145 Redd, William. Aug. 10, 1822. To youngest children William and James; to other children Sigley, Kincy, Nelly, Mary, Sarah; to wife Sarah. Exr: Bazel R. Smith. Tests: Jno. Spicer, Elijah Russell3

| | William B Redd
| | & Catherine Redd
Catherine is the daughter of William B Redd’s uncle, Whitaker Redd and his wife Lurany Wilkins.
| | James B Redd
| Nancy Redd
| b. abt 1762, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. bef 1789, age: 27

The following will establishes Nancy’s relationship as aunt to William B. Redd and Catherine Redd: Release Claim to Nancy Pearson Estate, 3 Mar 1845
Record of Wills, Book A 1800-1825? Onslow County, North Carolina
For and in consideration of the sum of thirty dollars to us in hand paid good and lawful money to us in hand paid by the said John Wilkins before the sealing and delivering of those present have sold and conveyed by these presents all my right title and interest in the estate of my Aunt Nancy Pearson estate of her decease in negro land if any and all the personal estate to the said John Wilkins all that may fall to us hereafter which we receipt to us as one partition be the land more or less to him his heirs and assigns forever, be it from us his heirs and assigns to have and hold forever, whereof we have set our hand and seal the 3rd day of March 1845. Catharine (her X mark) Redd William B.1
| & John Pierson
| b. abt 1771, Nansemond, VA
| d. abt 1829, Onslow, North Carolina, age: 583
| m. abt 1787, Onslow, NC
Will Book B may be possible proof of this marriage that Lura Redd alludes to. 35-Pierson, Joh. Jan. 11, 1828-Feb., 829. To wife Nancy all she had when I married her and 10 dollars cash: to daughter Drucyelly and other children; namely, William, Margaret, John, Jr., and Amans. 3
| Alexander Redd
| b. abt 1764, , Nansemond, VA
| d. bef 1789, age: 25
Lura Redd’s book talks about him and assumes he died before 1789 since there is no mention of him in the administration of Whitaker Redd’s estate in 1789. Lemuel Hardison Redd was baptized as proxy for Alexander 21 Feb 1877 in the St. George Temple.
| Whitaker Redd*
| b. abt 1767, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. 2 Mar 1825, , Onslow, North Carolina, age: 58
| occ. Plantation owner.3

The North Carolina, State Census, 1784-1787 – lists Whitaker Red household consisting of 1 white male 21-60 years, 2 white males under 21 and above 60, 1 white female all ages.

| & Nancy Cary
| b. Carteret, North Carolina
| d. 13 Mar 1794
| m. abt 1791, Onslow, North Carolina
| | Mary Redd
| | b. 27 Sep 1792, Snead’s Ferry, Stump Sound, Onslow, North Carolina
| | d. 18 Nov 1875, Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, age: 83
| Whitaker Redd*
| b. abt 1767, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. 2 Mar 1825, , Onslow, North Carolina, age: 58
| & Elizabeth Hardison
| b. abt 1774, Sneeds Ferry, Onslow, North Carolina
| d. abt 1800, age: 26
| m. abt 1798, Snead’s Ferry, Stump Sound, Onslow, North Carolina
| | John Hardison Redd
| | b. 27 Dec 1799, Sneads Ferry, Onslow, North Carolina
| | d. 15 Jun 1858, Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, age: 58
| | & Elizabeth Hancock
| | b. 25 Jan 1798, Sneeds Ferry, Onslow, North Carolina
| | d. 28 Nov 1853, Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, age: 55
| | m. 2 Mar 1826, Snead’s Ferry, Stump Sound, Onslow, North Carolina
John Hardison Redd moves his family to Tennessee following his sister Mary Redd and her husband John Holt. Here they join the Church. They migrate to Nauvoo and then join with the Saints to cross the plains and help settle Spanish Fork and New Harmony. 4

| Whitaker Redd*
| b. abt 1767, , Nansemond, Virginia
| d. 2 Mar 1825, , Onslow, North Carolina, age: 58
| & Lurany Wilkins
| b. abt 1790, Onslow, North Carolina
| d. bef 1836, Onslow Co., NC, age: 463

| m. abt 1824, Onslow, North Carolina

This home of Lurany contained 38 acres. (ef entry 4 in Deed book 22)
In 1836 “Wm. W. Redd sold to Alexander Redd for 150 dollars, my 1/4th part of the plantation where my mother, Lurany Redd, lived and died. Test: Jarvis Marble, N.T. Ennett. 3
William Barlow Redd marries his cousin Cahterine Redd and we find a transaction of them selling land to her brother William W. Redd in 1836 deed book 22 for 100 dollars land that is 1/4th part of that whereon Lurany Redd their mother formerly lived. 3

| | Alexander Redd
Alexander Redd sold to Samuel Hardison for 75 dollars land commonly called the Halls Point Plantation where Nathan Green now lives, being the 1/6th part inherited from my father, Whitaker Redd. Dec. 22, 1834. Tests: Wm. B. Redd, Jas. Marble. 3

| | Catherine Redd
| | William W Redd
| | Nancy Redd
| | d. 25 Sep 1865, Sneads Ferry, Onslow, North Carolina
| | & Howard.


1. North Carolina. Federal, State and County Records. USGenWeb Archives.

2. Kammerer, Roger E. (1988), Onslow Register: records of Onslow and Jones County citizens and related families. Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1992. Salt Lake City: Family History Library 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

3. North Carolina. County Court (Onslow County), & Gwynn, Zae Hargett (1961). Abstracts of the records of Onslow County, North Carolina, 1734- 1850. Salt Lake City: Family History Library 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

4. Redd, Lura (2001) The Utah Redds and their progenitors.
Salt Lake City, Utah: Amasa Jay Redd, 2001. Salt Lake City: Family History Library 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101


  1. Hi Cousins Samuel and Jan,
    Thank you for taking the time to follow-up on my aunt Lura’s book with these documentations of the Redd family in North Carolina. I am a grandson of Jesse Redd Ursenbach, daughter of William Alexander and Keziah Jane Butler (William Alexander was son of Lemuel Hardison). I have lived in Durham, NC, for about 36 years but due to church assignments and 7 children have not had much time to do much research. I am close to retirement and look forward to doing more. I was not able to attend the New Harmony reunion. I look forward to being more involved.
    Gary Hatch

  2. Gary,
    When you hit that golden retirement we’d love to have you jump in and join our genealogy group. You are in a great spot to be our man on site-at least you are closer to Onslow than most of us. I hope you’ll be able to join us for the SLC July 25, 2015 reunion. New Harmony was great.

  3. Happened on this site when looking up info on Snead’s Ferry Redds and Hardisons. We are going out there for our son’s wedding next week, he is stationed at Cherry Pointe, so we hope to do a bit of exploring while there. What should we see and is there something we can do as far as geneology work?

  4. We would be glad to have you do a bit of genealogy work while in NC. Please contact Jan Snyder. He corresponds with Frank and Etta Redd that live in the area. This is what he told me the other day: Frank acquired a digital camera last Christmas and has sent me photos of head stones. We hope to find more grave markers this winter when the snakes are dormant. Frank told me that we can even get access to Marine Camp Le Juene with prior arrangements. The Marine Camp is where the old John Hardison Redd farm was located. Also, the family grave yard was relocated in 1940 by the Marines and the Marine organization has records where it is today. Perhaps they could find more info from the Marines while there. I wish we could take time to visit Frank and Etta Redd again.

  5. I was wondering if you would want to link or publish this on I could copy and paste it as a story but would like your permission.
    I found you on google, but this would be a real asset
    I was trying to find more about Nancy Cary and there is a little information on her here already posted to this site, but the other information about the family is really great.

  6. I wrote an article for the Redd family Newsletter last spring where I was telling people how to join the DAR. I am happy to report, I finally became inducted in the DAR with Whitaker Redd Jr as my Patriot from North Carolina. I have all about him on What I find interesting is that everyone thinks he was born in NC, but was actually Nansemond County, VA. The DAR had that as a matter of record when another family member did Whitaker Redd Jr in 1998. Her name was Martha Pace Gresham out of California. Does anyone know her? I am currently taking a family research class with BYU Idaho online and will be attending the National Genealogical Society Convention in Richmond ,VA in May. I am going to be also trying to get a hold of the man who is a Rudd, a relation, by genetic markers, because he lives in Texas and thats where I am from, even though I live in Mississippi now. I hope to help the Redd organization more in the future. I am currently researching the Ward line from Jamestown, which is very interesting. Hope to see alot of new people at the next reunion.

  7. Emily,
    That is exciting that you have secured the DAR recognition. We are currently very excited about Rudd DNA markers. Once you talk to the Rudd in Texas we’d love to hear about it.


  8. I am researching John Redd, born 1792 in Henry county virginia, died in 1830 in Jackson Ohio. He was married to Elizabeth Baber on 18 Jan 1816 in caroline county Virginia and had 8 children.

    My great grand father was Homer Milton Redd born 23 of March 1887 born in Fairfield, Wayne county Illinois. I’d sure like to tie john redd in but have had no luck, I have a few more records on him let me know if you want what I have.

    I read some speculation that he might have been an illigetimate son of Major john Redd, but it was just speculation, I have no proof

    If anyone can throw me a hint, a bone or better a record… Well, you know how I’ll feel.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Jerry Hayward

  9. Jerry,
    I just sent you an email which I should have done via this channel- do you mind sharing how you tie into the Reds? We are very interested in trying to figure out this mysterious family.

  10. I have spent the past week+ in Onslow County, NC where my son Matt lives, serving in the Marines currently at the New River Base. I have been in contact with Frank and Etta Redd, descendants of Whitaker Redd through William, then Sigley Redd. They have been very gracious and have taken me to many of the small country cemeteries around Snead’s Ferry and environs, We have visited a lot, and they took me to visit Frank’s mother, Fern, a delightful 93-yr.-old woman. Tomorrow, weather permitting, Frank will take me across the sound in his skiff to the Ancestral Grounds. We won’t be able to venture very far, just to the high-water mark, because it is Marine base property. My son Matt found out that the cemeteries located on the current site of the Le Jeune base were relocated after the 1940s to the grounds in front of the Coastal Carolina Veteran’s Cemetery in Jackesonsville, named the Montford Point Cemetery. I spent some time there with Frank and Etta but we didn’t find much, one Redd name and some Hardisons, but many of the graves were unidentified. There are many such small marker stones, most indicating which family cemetery they came from. I went into the office of the adjacent cemetery and asked about records, but they said they weren’t affiliated and that the Montford Point cemetery was administered by the Marine base. I did find a cemetery listing online, but it was the same – listing known names with a large number of unknowns. It has been a great experience being here and getting together with our distant cousins albeit family!

  11. A few more comments: I spent a little time over in Jacksonsville at the Onslow County Court House where I found a number of deeds, but I also found William Redd’s (Whitaker’s brother) last will and testament. I will try to transcribe it and make it available.
    When we visited with Fern, two of her daughters were there, as they take care of her in shifts. They are Resha Redd and Necia Davis. It was great to get to know all of them, and they were interested in getting together with Matt, my son, who was there with me, as well as his wife and son. Frank and Etta came with us to church today and indicated an interest in attending in the future with Matt and his family.

  12. Jan, I never received your email, I would have replied.

    I found your answer while googling my ancestor… Again, lol!

    My mother Bette Janet Melson b 1938 is the daughter of Esther Maude Redd b 1913

    Esther Maude Redd b 1913 is a daughter of Homer Milton Redd b 1887

    Homer Milton Redd is the son of Charles Potter Redd b 1853

    Charles Potter Redd is a son of Franlkin Redd b 1825

    Franklin Redd b 1825 is a son of John Redd b 1792

    Which is as far back as I have been able to go. Frustrated! Lol!

    John Redd married Elizabeth Baber on either the 18th or 16th of Jan 1816 depending on which record you want to believe.

    John Redd died in 1830 in Ohio, Jackson county.

    Sorry it took so long to get back, I had no idea you had responded.

    I can dimly remember going to Redd family reunions in (I think) Illinois, where Homer Redd was in attendance. If you have pictures (and some were taken) I am probably an unidentified face in them… As are my family, 7 kids and 2 parents were there for the last one we attended.

    I will frequent this forum looking for your reply…

    How can I help you find me or me find you?


    P.S. I now live in Utah; Jan, what state are you in?

  13. Jan, sorry, should have mentioned that I have more info than just the direct line back to John Redd, including marriage records other children and enlistment records, etc, but wanted to give you a direct back as far as I could with just names and birth dates.

    Jerry Hayward

  14. I hope you will add them to familytree if you haven’t already done so.

  15. In Revolutionary war pension applications, George Reed says he was born June 12, 1760 in King William Co., VA. and his dad (and I assume the family?) moved to N.C. when George was very young. George was living in Onslow County when the war began. He was injured in the war and was taken to his father’s house, about 40 miles from Wilmington – sounds like it could be the Stump Sound area in Onslow? His father died around the end of the Revolutionary War (mid-1780s?) and George and his mom moved to Virginia. I can’t find anything to tie George into the family of Whitaker Redd (b.1737)or Whitaker’s father (b. about 1717). Is it possible that George was an illegitimate son of one of the two? If anyone has any information that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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